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I have recently read your book Exercise towards Godliness. I have also read many of your other books including Wait as Eagles and I am so glad that I have read it. This is the first time I have come across a book that teaches us how to wait on God. Ever since then, I have started waiting on God with the knowledge you have given in your book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge it has been a tremendous help and blessing.
I was in a deep pit of condemnation when I read your book "Women are Special to God". All of the lies of the enemies were silenced by the confirmation of the love of God. This book is a blessing from the Holy Spirit.
I have read your book 'Women are Special to God'. After I read it I found peace within myself as my heart had been burdened with many things. When I read Chapter 4: A Woman's Tear, tears rolled down from my cheeks and I found peace. I know my tears never go vain. Thank you very much for the book. I really feel blessed to find this book.
I am richly blessed from reading the ‘Maharishi’ book. There are many rich spiritual things that blessed me. I believe that I can share the Gospel of the Kingdom more convincingly to others. After reading this book, I decided not to spend time on other things but meditate properly. I spend around 4 hrs on meditation and the more I meditate the more my heart is filled with joy and revelation.

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